Reflective Approaches for continuous improvement, continually.

My FeetInspired by Ray Isons book Systems Practice,  here are 7 approaches to situations, with an increasing amount of reflection, and I think I’m realising, continuous improvement. I’ve rewritten these for a personal perspective. I expect to increase my understanding and use of these ideas, so if I think the same in a few months I’ve not learnt much!

1. What is the situation and it’s Nature. How many perspectives am I aware of, including my own?

2. Who are the main ‘actors’ in the situation? What are the relationships between these actors? I can perhaps only begin to understand.

3. What is at issue? I expect there are different issues for different people! Am I an issue holder only, or a mediator too. I’m not just a mediator, I am in the situation, like it or not.

4. What are the ways of understanding or engaging with the situation. Are any of these more-or-less ethical, in that they open up more-or-less opportunity for those involved? 

5. Reflecting critically, what do the answers to the above questions say about my values?

6. Reflecting critically, what do the answers to the above question say about my systemic inquiry ability?

7. Faced with the same situation again, how would I change my approach?

Bonus list item! How have I progressed, have I improved myself? How is this improvement manifested?

I’ll also add to the list, about how I see others approaches to the situation affecting the dynamics, ethical outcomes, and potential scope of actions. Can my involvement help here?


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