Give your Go-Pro Camera away if you want to ride better.

If you want to improve your riding skills, you need to give away your Go-Pro camera right now.

Don't land like this.

Don’t land like this.

It’s taking up a lot of your time, but is it helping you ride any better? In his book “Bounce” Matthew Syed argues that it take is 10,000 hours of practice to get really good at a sport. But the practise he discusses is more than just repeating the same thing. it’s repeating, and trying to improve with feedback.

So if you want to get better, give your Go-Pro camera away, ideally to a friend who’s gonna keep up with you down the trail, and get them to film you. You can then use the video as feedback to improve, ideally with the help of someone who knows ‘what good looks like’.

For example the picture taken from a video at Llandegla bike park in Wales shows the sort of shape you shouldn’t be pulling right before you land a jump. I think the rider owes the bike designer a drink for keeping him upright*, but the video doesn’t really help analyse what went wrong, there is no learning. A video showing the run up, the line taken and how the transition was hit would be enough to analyse what to do next time. But a video taken from a body mounted camera just show the excitement of what happened without context.

This post was about the systems idea of feedback,  the usefulness of other perspectives, putting things in context, and the need to know what good looks like:-) It applies to more than just bikes.

*I’m not really calling out the riders skills here, just the ability to improve from the video.


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